Falcon Transfer Chair



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The Falcon Transfer Chair’s innovative design makes transferring patients from bed to chair a breeze. No more back-breaking manual transfers or awkward patient hoists to deal with.

The height adjustment handle allows the seat height to be adjusted to facilitate transfer between surfaces of different heights. Patients can also sit comfortably in the chair for a long time, with extendable footrests and a cushion included.

Patients can also be wheeled over a toilet to allow them to discharge their bowels directly into the toilet bowl. This is much more hygienic and convenient for the caregiver compared with traditional commodes. The transfer chair is water proof, so patients can also shower while seated on the chair, immediately after using the toilet.

Say goodbye to back-breaking patient transfers. Get the Falcon Transfer Chair to lighten your caregiving load today.

Available in 2 colours (Yellow/Grey) and 2 seat widths (19″/20″ seats).


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Sold By : Falcon Mobility