Burmeier Dali Low Entry Nursing Bed


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Safety sides provide protection against falls – but if they are used permanently, this liberty depriving measure can reduce the care patient’s quality of life.

Low-height beds, such as the Dali low-entry, are an excellent alternative. With its height adjustment range of 23 to 63 cm, it is very close to the floor when at its lowest position. From this low height, the risk of injury is much lower in the event of a fall. This makes it easier to decide not to use safety sides. This is Burmeier’s way of following the Werdenfelser approach of maintaining the resident’s mobility.

In addition, the Dali low-entry benefits from the advantages of the Dali family, such as the reverse-Trendelenburg feature included as standard, the wireless handset and additional selective locking using the app.

Comes with foam mattress and patient lifting pole.

  • Safe working load of 175 kg.
  • Progressive height adjustment for ergonomic and comfortable entry and exit.
  • 24 volt system – no leakage current measurements during the expected service life.

Price inclusive of GST, delivery and assembly. 
Additional manpower charges apply for no lift level and that requires stair climbing.

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