Falcon Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair (16kg)


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The Falcon Ultra-Lite 2 is the second generation successor to the popular Ultra-Lite D motorised wheelchair. A foldable and lightweight electric wheelchair, the Ultra-Lite 2 weighs only 16kg (without battery and footrests), making it one of the lightest portable electric wheelchairs in the world. It has a sturdy and rust-resistant aluminium frame that is easy to fold and light enough to be be carried around by most caregivers. With an upgraded controller and brakes, the electric wheelchair is easy to control and is able to brake completely on slopes. It is also easy to set the brakes to neutral and push the chair manually when needed.

Comes with a free back-up battery that can be charged off-board, as well as an attendant control bracket which allows the caregiver to easily transfer the joystick from the front to the rear push handle to control the electric wheelchair from behind. Available in left-handed or right-handed joystick configurations. 


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