Lifeline Aluminium Foldable Walking Frame with Glydesafe

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The Lifeline foldable walking frame with Glydesafe is made of lightweight aluminium with a bronze anodised finish. Easily foldable with a one-button folding mechanism, making it convenient for storage and transportation. It is also height adjustable via push buttons on each of the 4 legs of the walking frame. 

Comes with a set of 4 detachable Glydesafe® castors (front wheels are 360° rotatable). Glydesafe wheels work by a simple glide movement, eliminating the need for users to lift the frame up when walking forward or turning, thus minimizing user fatigue. Users can brake easily by applying downward pressure on the walking frame, making it safe and effortless to use. 

Available in 2 sizes (Adult/Youth) to cater to users of different heights. 

Sold By : Lifeline Corporation