HappyWheels Lightweight Ergonomic Pushchair



The HappyWheels Lightweight Ergonomic Pushchair is an affordable pushchair that places user comfort as a priority. With a unique curved armrests and gently angled backrest, this pushchair relieves pressure for longer sittings and promotes a healthy ergonomic seating posture. At the same time, it has adjustable armrests for greater comfort and can be lowered completely to enable the user to be wheeled right up to a table for meals.

For users who rely fully on armrests to support in sitting and standing, we recommend the HappyWheels Easy Chair with fixed armrests.

Pushchairs are best suited for people with caregiver assistance. Should you prefer to have the option of self-propelling, you can consider getting our wheelchairs. For greater comfort, add on an ergonomic cushion.

Sold By : The Golden Concepts