Agegracefully CarbonBond Umbrella Walking Stick, MP3 Handle


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SKU: V001-WS15

The CarbonBond Umbrella Walking Stick by Agegracefully cleverly integrates a walking stick with an umbrella. As an integrated 2-in-1 unit, the Umbrella Walking Stick is a high quality walking aid with a self-standing tip and 360-degree pivoting head. When needed, the internal walking stick can also be withdrawn from the umbrella for both to be used independently. With a frame made of carbon fibre, the walking stick is light yet extremely strong. 


This model comes with the MP3 Handle, which has a built-in MP3 player-cum-radio, auto fall alarm, red safety flashing lights and a bright frontal LED light with 4 adjustable angles to improve visibility. 


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